It’s about time

After weeks of searching and researching we got a new dishwasher!!


That Adam installed.


The first night he tried working on it it was dark and we obviously had turned the power off in the kitchen and even after all the wiring and everything the dishwasher didn’t turn on.


Then he tried again to install it during the day with all new hoses and wires and it still wouldn’t work. Turns out the outlet was to blame so we had to make a call on how to get power to it. So we decided to plug it into our wall outlet.


Now that its all installed it is amazing! Our dishes have never been so clean. They actually sparkle. I swear. Our last dishwasher would make our dishes come out messier than they went in. It was so frustrating.

The Bosch dishwasher we decided to go with was at the top of our price range but it definitely blew the others we had looked at out of the water. It’s stainless steel on the inside of the door which means no weird rusting or stains like our last one. The amount of dishes we can put in there is ridiculous.


It’s pretty good looking for a kitchen appliance.


And quiet. So quiet that I’m not sure it’s working half the time. The only way I know it’s washing is when it’s flashing its lights at me.



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