My latest obsession

I’ve never been one to obsess over shoes and accessories. My most favorite obsession is makeup. And during my ups and downs with my weight, makeup never made me feel disappointed in myself when I tried it on. Now I’ve come to terms with my weight, my makeup has taken a backseat to putting outfits together. I’ve recently started to enjoy going shopping. With my toe being broken, I’ve had to stick with wearing sneakers and jeans. It’s kind of put me in a rut.


Part of me wishes my foot to get better now so I can start wearing pretty shoes again.


There’s something about a good outfit that makes you feel like yourself. I know a good outfit makes me feel less like a 25 year old who gets carded at rated r movies and more like an adult.


Luckily I can be creative with my outfit choices even during the week.

And I’ve gotten better at mixing and matching.


Even when it comes to going out for a walk with the pup (which I hope I’ll be able to do soon).


And my most favorite outfit is the one I change into as soon as I get home.


Where I shop:
Gap Outlet
Forever 21
TJ Maxx


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