New additions

There have been a few changes around this valley house.

First of all the living room has been perked up a bit. We got a new tv stand and cupboard for our DVDs. Now you can’t see any cords or mismatched DVD covers! Also we’ve added a much needed pop of color!



We have also added a bit of color to our kitchen.



And! We’ve added a few more living things to our house! A new plant I call Pear that I’m hoping is a fiddle leaf fig tree and a goldfish I call Pearl that I won at the Almond Blossom carnival!




Unfortunately two days after I wrote this post Pearl went to fishy heaven. So Adam bought me a new fish house and new fish! Introducing Opal and Ginger.



Update (3/15/12):

Unfortunately I’m terrible at fish and Ginger and Opal are now swimming in an infinity pool in the clouds.

Update (3/23/12):

Meet Targaryen!



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