Bring the thunder

In an effort to get out of the house, because, quite truthfully, Adam and I are the only 20-somethings I know without a social life, we went to a hockey game. The Stockton Thunder are in some small almost-pro league that I do not know the name of and their arena is only about 20 minutes away. After work I picked up Cousin Shane and we all headed out to take in a local sporting event.


Immediately upon entry we saw this guy and I had to take a picture.


We actually scored some pretty sweet seats for extremely cheap.


That’s what my view looked like. But Adam and Shane’s view was more like this.


We had to take a couple of pictures because we couldn’t believe we had such sweet seats.



While we were settling into our seats we looked up and we were on the big screen!!!

Then we all won free Del Taco burritos because the Thunder scored a goal in under 60 seconds.

And then Adam caught a tshirt.



I’d say we had a pretty good time. And now we can’t go back because you really can’t beat such an awesome first experience.


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