Day on the green

Sunday’s big day off adventure was spent on the green.

Yup. We went golfing. And by golfing I mean Adam golfed and I drank beer and drove the cart around.

I’m not that great at golf. I am pretty awesome at chipping and that is it. Thus, I choose to sit in the cart and sun myself while everyone is trying to get the ball in the hole.

It was such a fun day off.



Go team!

On Sunday Adam, Shane, and I took in another local sports game. The Modesto Nuts were playing the Stockton Ports. Note that our local baseball teams are named after prominent parts of their cities.

We splurged on our tickets so we could have the best seats in the stadium. For just $12 we got seats right behind home plate.

I enjoyed a lovely Southwest Chicken Salad from Greens Market. It was a little overpriced for what it was but it was a great alternative to the typical fried ballpark food. Also it was nice and cool.

We only made it halfway through the game before we headed home. It was quite possibly the worst day to watch a live sports game. The temperature was hovering in the 90-95 degree range but it felt like it was at least 200 degrees.

We had a fun time anyway and we will definitely be going back to enjoy more baseball games.