The last day in May

So lets do a fun little recap of May because I can’t even believe how fast my life has been moving.

Lets start with Cinco de Mayo weekend. It started off with a bang! We were going to have Cousin Shane over for some tacos and sangria so we decided to spruce up the kitchen and gather necessary utensils. About five minutes later I realized I was flooding the kitchen. The sink sprayer tube had busted open and leaked water everywhere. Adam headed to the garage to get some tools to do a quick fix when he noticed our toolbox was missing. We also noticed a box with an old desktop computer was missing. So we spent an afternoon being angry someone snatched our stuff, eating delicious tacos, and drying out our kitchen. (Dad came the next day and fixed the sink for us because he’s awesome like that) This incident was pretty much the straw that broke these Modesto dweller’s backs.


I had some complications with my fancy new phone and had to get a new one but all was well and the new one is working just fine!

Went to the parent’s house to celebrate Mother’s Day to celebrate how amazing Kathy is. In typical Ashley’s parents style, Kathy wasn’t home when I got there. But we had a great day hanging out and relaxing.

Throughout the month I had been aggressively job hunting. I wasn’t happy with where I was. I wanted a job I loved and that provided growth. I had applied for some things here and there and I’ve just been waiting to hear back.




I pulled an adult move and chose to celebrate 26th birthday by running the Bay to Breakers. Like big girl corral no getting hampstered along the way sweating costumed running. So I somehow convinced Adam and Dad to get up at 5 o’clock in the morning on a Sunday to run with me. We rocked it by the way. Ran the full 12k (we walked up Hayes Hill because we aren’t completely crazy) in an hour and 38 minutes. Considering I hadn’t been able to run since January I’d consider this a win.




And then we got Humphry Slocombe. Because it’s not Ashley’s birthday until you have a scoop of Blue Bottle Coffee accompanied by Secret Breakfast.


Adam and I celebrated my birthday at the Nuts game. It was my actual birthday/Taco Tuesday so we couldn’t say no. The weather was perfect and, despite being a losing game for the home team, we still had a great time.


I got the best birthday presents from the best people. A Keurig from Adam and the prettiest polishes from my best friend, MaddySho. (Also Zoya is the best nail polish ever. Prettiest colors, best coverage, and it lasts at least a week without chips.)



And since I turned 26 and am on the backside of my 20s I decided it was time for a new hair do. Something different, something slightly blonde and fun. And right after I got my hair done, I had a job interview. So exciting!!



After such a huge week, a fun Memorial Day weekend was in order. We had a nice little BBQ one day and went bowling the next.

Can you guess which score is mine? *

I officially got the job and will be moving out to San Diego County for the summer. It’s such an amazing opportunity. It’s not going to be easy for Adam and I but it’s such an amazing opportunity that we think we will be heading to Portland much sooner than we planned.

*If you guessed 52, you’re right!!


Another year older

I turned 26 yesterday. It was kind of awesome. I love birthdays. I love celebrating, I love doing fun things, and I love eating cake!

For my birthday I made a lemon cake with lemon curd filling and lemon cream cheese frosting. It was a dud… So I made another one- champagne cake and champagne butter cream. Its not a birthday without cake and champagne!


To celebrate my birthday Adam and I went to a Nuts game.



It was Taco Tuesday! You can get a taco for $1.50! How cool is that?!



This time we splurged for $10 tickets in Upper Box behind home plate.



The local green market has a stand there and they serve delicious salads…and bacon on a stick. It’s my favorite so I had to get it.

When we got home, the birthday dress i ordered from ModCloth was on our doorstep!

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Birth Month

It’s my Birth Month! My birthday is on the 22nd. I love birthdays. I go all out for birthdays. Of course I plan my birthday all year and then have no one to celebrate with so I really never get to decorate and celebrate as much as I’d like.

At the beginning of the month I got a fancy new phone. I’m just getting used to using it and hoping I will be blogging on it in no time.

It’s probably the best phone I’ve ever had. Yeah, it’s a big change going from an iPhone to a Windows phone, but it’s worth it. * read about it here Nokia Lumia 900 Review *

I’ve also gifted myself my new favorite perfume. I totally blame Birchbox for making me fall in love with it. Had they not put a sample in there, I would’ve never had a clue. Do you need this new perfume? Yes. Yes, you do.

I also very recently bought a dress. I am just going with the Birth Month theme, as well as the year of Ps (The 4 Ps of 2012: Portland, Planning Meals, Philly, Pretty dresses). It’s such a gorgeous dress I’ve been staring at for the past couple of days. It’s also a dream of mine to own every dress on Mod Cloth. They are just that pretty.

Anywho… that’s the first half of Birth Month. Let’s see how the rest of it goes…