Birth Month

It’s my Birth Month! My birthday is on the 22nd. I love birthdays. I go all out for birthdays. Of course I plan my birthday all year and then have no one to celebrate with so I really never get to decorate and celebrate as much as I’d like.

At the beginning of the month I got a fancy new phone. I’m just getting used to using it and hoping I will be blogging on it in no time.

It’s probably the best phone I’ve ever had. Yeah, it’s a big change going from an iPhone to a Windows phone, but it’s worth it. * read about it here Nokia Lumia 900 Review *

I’ve also gifted myself my new favorite perfume. I totally blame Birchbox for making me fall in love with it. Had they not put a sample in there, I would’ve never had a clue. Do you need this new perfume? Yes. Yes, you do.

I also very recently bought a dress. I am just going with the Birth Month theme, as well as the year of Ps (The 4 Ps of 2012: Portland, Planning Meals, Philly, Pretty dresses). It’s such a gorgeous dress I’ve been staring at for the past couple of days. It’s also a dream of mine to own every dress on Mod Cloth. They are just that pretty.

Anywho… that’s the first half of Birth Month. Let’s see how the rest of it goes…


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