My favorite time of the year

It’s fall in Portland. Ok well its fall in most places right now but you get the idea. I used to think that nothing topped Chico in the fall but I’m beginning to think maybe Portland takes the cake for Best in Show: fall edition. It’s just gorgeous here.

In an effort to do fun things, go exploring, and get Halloween ready Adam and I took a trip out to Sauvie Island to pick pumpkins!

It was beautiful.

It was muddy.

How are pumpkin patches so muddy?! Oh yeah they’re gourds that grow in the ground…

We hopped on a truck piled high with hay and it took us out to a super big patch of pumpkins.

I’d never gone on a hay ride before and I also had never taken into consideration that the pumpkins we went to pick were still attached to their vines. Or that they had pokey bits on their stems.

In the end we picked the prettiest pumpkins.

We even snagged a couple mini pumpkins for the pup (which she chomped when we got home).

I think that means she likes them.


You know it’s going to be a good weekend when…

When it starts out like this:

I had Friday off and was feeling super ambitious so adam and i joined a gym. Then i walked to the mall and got my eyebrows done by a lady who was a total jerk. Because I felt so guilty about leaving Sierra at home, I wanted to get in some one on one time with her so we headed out for a walk. We had just left the complex when Sierra saw a squirrel and bolted. She would’ve taken me with her had I not tripped and fallen on my face first. Yup a 26 year old soberly falling on her face. Doesn’t happen that often. Also doesn’t happen that often? Having a pair of transients asking if you’re ok and need help. Seriously?! What are you going to do drive me to the hospital in your shopping cart?! No thanks scary man, i will walk dejectedly back to my apartment and cry.

In my moment of anger and sadness and pain all i could think about was how awesome ice cream would be. And how i totally deserved a beer. I also was walking around looking like a bloody mess so i didn’t want to leave the apartment. This led to more sadness and then to an extraordinary discovery (which comes later in the story).

I still haven’t quite gotten over it. Could it be because both my knees are purple and I can’t open or close my left hand without being in incredible pain? Possibly. Is it because I fell on my face in public? Definitely.

Who have I become!?

Today was a typical Tuesday. I woke up before the sun, made my pre-Rockstar cup of coffee (actually its more like my Keurig makes me a cup of coffee), got ready, and went to work. I come home and see Adam for a bit (he works nights), and then spend some time with the pup.




When Sierra and I got home from our run we went and checked the mail. Today was an awesome mail day, by the way. Adam got a pair of shoes and I got my TheBerry Morning Coffee mug.
We also got our toilet paper and dish soap.


Yeah you read that right. Toilet paper. Oh but Ashley why don’t you just go to Target, you ask? Like I can’t be bothered to go to the store or something!? It’s a twenty minute car ride away! I’d rather things come to my front door and get excited about opening it! It’s like someone (aka you) sent you a care package complete with a sweet note saying ‘Enjoy!’ (of course I’ve never written myself a note… only on the presents I buy for Sierra).

I’ve become that girl. Great.

Playing catch up

So you’re totally thinking “oh my gosh Ashley totally just moved to Portland and abandoned her blog and turned into a total boring homebody”.

Oh friends… How wrong you are.

This is what I’ve been up to for the past few weeks. Also this all just came out of my pretty new purse that’s been doubling as a diaper bag.


In the past few weeks I have:
-been to the Oregon Zoo twice
-been to the Children’s Museum three times
-driven to California for a wedding
-joined Rogue Nation
-chopped 4 inches off my hair
-became a member of OMSI After Dark
-been a runner at The Color Run
-went to a festival devoted to local cheese making
-been to the East Side twice (both via public transportation)
-semi figured out the streetcar, am able to understand the MAX, and am completely baffled by the bus lines
-passed my Oregon drivers license test
-come home every week night exhausted from caring for awesome kids

Here are a few shots from the past few weeks: