Who have I become!?

Today was a typical Tuesday. I woke up before the sun, made my pre-Rockstar cup of coffee (actually its more like my Keurig makes me a cup of coffee), got ready, and went to work. I come home and see Adam for a bit (he works nights), and then spend some time with the pup.




When Sierra and I got home from our run we went and checked the mail. Today was an awesome mail day, by the way. Adam got a pair of shoes and I got my TheBerry Morning Coffee mug.
We also got our toilet paper and dish soap.


Yeah you read that right. Toilet paper. Oh but Ashley why don’t you just go to Target, you ask? Like I can’t be bothered to go to the store or something!? It’s a twenty minute car ride away! I’d rather things come to my front door and get excited about opening it! It’s like someone (aka you) sent you a care package complete with a sweet note saying ‘Enjoy!’ (of course I’ve never written myself a note… only on the presents I buy for Sierra).

I’ve become that girl. Great.


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