You know it’s going to be a good weekend when…

When it starts out like this:

I had Friday off and was feeling super ambitious so adam and i joined a gym. Then i walked to the mall and got my eyebrows done by a lady who was a total jerk. Because I felt so guilty about leaving Sierra at home, I wanted to get in some one on one time with her so we headed out for a walk. We had just left the complex when Sierra saw a squirrel and bolted. She would’ve taken me with her had I not tripped and fallen on my face first. Yup a 26 year old soberly falling on her face. Doesn’t happen that often. Also doesn’t happen that often? Having a pair of transients asking if you’re ok and need help. Seriously?! What are you going to do drive me to the hospital in your shopping cart?! No thanks scary man, i will walk dejectedly back to my apartment and cry.

In my moment of anger and sadness and pain all i could think about was how awesome ice cream would be. And how i totally deserved a beer. I also was walking around looking like a bloody mess so i didn’t want to leave the apartment. This led to more sadness and then to an extraordinary discovery (which comes later in the story).

I still haven’t quite gotten over it. Could it be because both my knees are purple and I can’t open or close my left hand without being in incredible pain? Possibly. Is it because I fell on my face in public? Definitely.


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