My favorite time of the year

It’s fall in Portland. Ok well its fall in most places right now but you get the idea. I used to think that nothing topped Chico in the fall but I’m beginning to think maybe Portland takes the cake for Best in Show: fall edition. It’s just gorgeous here.

In an effort to do fun things, go exploring, and get Halloween ready Adam and I took a trip out to Sauvie Island to pick pumpkins!

It was beautiful.

It was muddy.

How are pumpkin patches so muddy?! Oh yeah they’re gourds that grow in the ground…

We hopped on a truck piled high with hay and it took us out to a super big patch of pumpkins.

I’d never gone on a hay ride before and I also had never taken into consideration that the pumpkins we went to pick were still attached to their vines. Or that they had pokey bits on their stems.

In the end we picked the prettiest pumpkins.

We even snagged a couple mini pumpkins for the pup (which she chomped when we got home).

I think that means she likes them.


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