I just keep on going

As I sit here sipping my espresso at Salt and Straw, waiting for the brake shop to call me about my car I look back on the whirlwind that was this past week.

On October 26th Adam and I acknowledged our 5th anniversary. We would’ve celebrated but it was a Friday and I worked til midnight. When I got home I had a small taste of the dinner I made Adam as we sleepily sipped champagne.


We got in the spirit of Halloween (my favorite day of the year besides my birthday) at OMSI. I loved how everyone was in costume. We explored the new Grossology exhibit and sampled local gin.

And then October turned into November and we gave Sierra hugs and kisses amd told her how we adopted her two years ago, right after the Giants won the World Series. She already thinks we’re nuts but her adoption day really solidifies that when we talk to her like she has any sort of grasp of the English language.

On Saturdays I run with a group of amazing women I’m lucky enough to call my friends. We blog and we run. We’re Roggers. Last week I walked with Macey. I was getting over a sinusy thing and shouldn’t have been running anyway. But as I kept bouncing along she said I was like the Energizer Bunny.

And then daylight savings completely knocked me on my ass. I currently have no idea what time it really is and I’ve managed to already plan out my week. You might as well call me E.B. because I have no plans on slowing down.


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