My Saturday: exploding curling irons and SEO workshops

After a very slow start to the morning that went something like this “Why do I know what 1am looks like?, Where is my coffee? How do I turn on the shower? Where are my pants? Why did my curling iron explode in my hand?!” I dragged Adam along to the farmers market.

We saw what someone called cauliflower on LSD.

Realizing I had to be at a Portland Bloggers SEO workshop in 15 minutes, I ran through the apartment and grabbed anything and everything I would take to a blogger workshop. You know, except my networking cards because I tend to grab things and get caught up in the moment and leave them places, ie: on the kitchen counter (how did they get there?!). It was awesomely informative. And it was information that stuck because I was totally caffeinated.

Also because I was totally caffeinated I decided I’m going to build a better blog. We’ll see how that goes seeing as I’m not that great at html or design or the internet in general. I stayed a little late chatting and completely kicked my lofty goal of going to the gym before UFC to the curb.

Instead of going to the gym, we walked (in the rain. Like really big rain) to the AT&T store where we waited an hour to give them money in exchange for a phone and found out my phone is not even being shipped so that made me extra upset and sad and so we walked home in the rain. Like matted hair, wet pants, soaking hat kind of rain. I walked home dejectedly and Adam walked home like a champ. Not fair. UFC was pretty awesome though.


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