I have this friend

I have a problem. I refuse to leave the house without looking at least halfway decent. I never wore pjs or sweats to class in college. I will always make time to put on makeup no matter how late I am running. Adam used to tell me “Lowes is not a fashion show”. That is just how I am.

I have this friend who lives in my building. I’m convinced she thinks I’m just a hot mess. Every time I run into her I look awful. When I met her we were watching the Giants playoff games and it was just after wine tasting and right before my second tall glass of local IPA. After that I ran into her when I was running home from the gym and it was pouring rain out.

This morning was no different. It’s my day off, Adam is home sick, and Sierra was acting funny. Instead of taking my chances I threw my Uggs on, brushed my teeth, and harnessed Sierra up. We headed outside and braved the 40*F weather. Just as I bent down to pick up Sierra’s business I hear “HEY GUYS!”. Immediately I think ‘are you serious right now why does this happen to me I’m in my pjs and I’m bending over and I’m holding poop’. And just to make me more awkward than I already am, she lingered a few minutes and we chatted about my haircut and hanging out this week (mind you I was still holding the poop bag in the cold).

What a fun start to the day! I’m going to go hide under my couch now.


2 thoughts on “I have this friend

  1. I HATE THAT! I remember once I woke up late so I ran out with the pups looking like a hot mess with yesterday’s make up and PJs. And same thing – picking up poop as someone strikes up a convo. Awkward.

  2. Because of the name of my blog, I get Google alerts when someone writes “I am a mess” online and this post had that line in it…so when I checked it out I landed on your blog and decided I like it and will follow you! Looking forward to reading more! You guys are a cute couple. 🙂

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