We got to pump our own gas

Adam and I went to Seattle for the day. We planned on doing all sorts of fun things. Like watching grown men beat each others faces in.  UFCticket

Washington is reeeeally close to Portland. Like twenty minutes close. I was excited because I was running out of gas. I got super excited when we got to pump our own gas (you can’t do that in Oregon or the gas pumping police will come after you). PumpingGas

Three hours later, a ton of Seattle traffic, and several blocks of driving in circles later (I seriously cannot drive with Adam. He is awful with directions) we found Key Arena. And the Space Needle. I learned that you can actually take an elevator to the top. I also found out that is is not nearly as tall as one would think an object called the Space Needle would be.


As soon as we got inside the arena I made Adam take the obligatory couple photo. Not much to see other than our faces. And my cute bow tie necklace. How neat is that?! I love it.


When we got to walking around and we regained feeling in our limbs, the layers started flying off and we wore our Chive Ugly Sweater Shirts proudly. We also got several high fives and “Chive Ons”. Seattle has some awesome Chivers.



Had to take a picture of all the boys with bathroom line envy. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does it’s glorious. When I was leaving the bathroom at one point there were several  guys in the bathroom stalls next to mine.


It’s amazing how many people come for just the main event. When the fights started at 1pm at least 50% of the seats were empty. By the main event the place was packed.



Chive on!


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