A little late, but I had to share

 I love these pictures too much not to share them. On Christmas Eve, Adam and I went out for a walk down by the river. It was cold, I had my camera, and we had a whole day to ourselves to do whatever the hell we wanted. In true Ashley fashion, I held a mini photo shoot at South Waterfront Park. Something about seeing the mossy trees… and tall reeds… and not liking to take pictures of nature just got to me so I told Adam to go stand in front of a tree so I could take his picture.

Of course he did.

After a bit of whining I got my way.

And he even took a picture of me.

We even got a picture of Sierra and her gross disgusting beard.

Oh well. She needed a bath anyway after getting in the river. I think she likes it here.


4 thoughts on “A little late, but I had to share

  1. Nice! It’s great to have pics to document little things we do throughout the year… sometimes I really like the ones I take of my husband when I make him stand in for me in a blog pic while I get the lighting right!
    Your pics are good–would be great to show them off in Large or X-large so we can see them better!!

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