Memory Jar Monday

Happy new year! Happy first week of the new year!

New years are like clean slates. It’s like whatever happened last year all gets thrown out the window on January 1st. It’s the perfect time to pick up a new hobby, update your wardrobe, or overhaul your life. Well, if you’re looking for something fun and easy to get your new year/new you started, Paper Coterie has a fun, free download for January.

I’m not one to journal, but I think the Memory Jar download has 52 awesome questions that really got me thinking. So instead of writing them in some notebook, I decided to use them as blog prompts. What I’ve done is cut each question out, folded them up, and put them all in a jar. Every week I will pick one and blog about it.

The topic for the first week of January 2013 is: Would you rather lose your old memories or never be able to make new ones? 

I really wish that the first topic I picked wasn’t such a hard one. I think what the question is asking you to chose between is waking up tomorrow and not being able to remember anything from my past or from this day forward not being able to remember anything I do. It would be awful to wake up and not know why or how you got to be where you are. What would it be like not remembering how we came to adopt Sierra or the day we moved to Portland? Or what would it be like to not be able to make any memories in my new city? I think I’d rather scrap my old memories than not be able to make new ones. I don’t care to remember how ridiculous high school was, how I was severely overweight and teased for it in elementary school, or life before I started drinking coffee. I do want to remember when Sierra jumped into the Willamette River on our waterfront walk, what it’s like to look down the street and see Mt. Hood, and the time Adam and I stood on our balcony and watched the slow flurries flit around on New Year’s Eve. If I had to give up my old memories in order to make new ones, I’d definitely do it.


Well apparently that is where I stand on that. What would you pick?


4 thoughts on “Memory Jar Monday

  1. Memory jar, what a cool idea! Cute, too. I’ve been looking for a good resolutions chart system to fill out every day or month, but may have to make my own…

    That’s a super tough question. It seems a shame to loose happy memories, like childhood and the beginning of my husband’s and my relationship, but I guess you would have to make a point to create new memories–and with lots of my life ahead of me if all goes well, that would be better!

  2. I don’t think I could give up my old memories, too many great ones of family no longer with me.
    This is a cute idea though, although to be truthful I probably wouldn’t remember to keep it up for an entire year 😉

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