Sunday is for brunching

Adam has a wonky work schedule. The only day we get to spend together is Sunday. And it’s not even all day because I work until noon. Last Sunday we decided to go to brunch since we hadn’t seen much of each other in a while. When I got back from work we sat down and tried to find some local brunch place we hadn’t been to before. In the end we went to Brix Tavern. It’s not so much an old stand by as it is our favorite brunch place in Portland to date. Why do we enjoy Brix so much?


They give you breakfast appetizer doughnuts! And they have bottomless mimosas.

We mostly love them for their bottomless mimosas. But they also have one of my favorite and underrated breakfast items-chicken and waffles.


Adam got some ham skillet thing that was layers with eggs, and ham, and hash browns. It was glorious.

ham skillet

I couldn’t leave knowing that we hadn’t used the brand new crayons.

new crayons

Since Adam and I aren’t that great at drawing, we copied something from the internet.

challenge accepted

all the mimosas

Brix is my favorite. It should be yours too.


8 thoughts on “Sunday is for brunching

  1. This cracks me up – your Sunday brunch experience seems far better than my Sunday breakfast experience I just had. Glad someone had a good Sunday!! Haha

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