Cheap and easy

I’m a cheap date. I’m not going to lie. Yeah, I enjoy good quality, high end dining establishments, but I also love places that serve chili cheese fries and/or beer for a dollar. We live super close to PSU and that means there’s a pretty good selection of cheap food within walking distance. Adam and I really haven’t seen much of each other lately and since I got home a bit early today we decided on a quick little date in between running errands. We originally planned on swinging by the ups store to drop off some return packages and then swinging by a little sushi place, but since we live in an apartment building with nice front desk people, all I had to do was drop off the boxes with them!

Since we moved here we’ve been talking about possibly finding a half decent sushi boat place since I’ve been telling Adam about sushi boat for years.Today was Adam’s lucky day! We went to sushi boat.

blue fin


This was the first sushi boat that I’ve been to that wasn’t actually a boat floating along with plates of sushi. It was also the first sushi boat I’ve been to with all $1.75 plates. We couldn’t afford not to eat.

sushi rolls

It was good. It was quick. It was cheap. For six plates of sushi, Adam and I paid $10.75 (not including tip). It was definitely somewhere we will have to try again…especially on $1.75 PBR nights. Granted, Blue Fin is no Masu (Masu is amazing) but it was the definitely the place to go when you just want sushi and are short on time/cash. And then when you get your bill, you get to have a little chuckle too.


Blue Fin Sushi

 *no water was hurt in the eating of this meal



5 thoughts on “Cheap and easy

  1. I’ve been to Hana sushi which is supposed to be really good conveyer belt sushi here! I’m not used to conveyer belt sushi so it’s taking a little warming up for me. I recently went to Ukiyoe (not conveyer belt) and it was horrible. Stay away.

    Thought I’d share my 2 cents!

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