It’s Friday, you should grab a beer

Don’t know where to grab a beer on a Friday? Try a beer bar. Portland has some of the best beer bars in the country. Since I’ve been to Bailey’s and it’s pretty awesome, I figured we should try Apex sometime.

Last weekend Adam and I found ourselves on the Eastside so we gave Apex a shot.

As you can see, Apex doesn’t have a parking lot (for cars). So when we were on our way back home from New Seasons and decided to stop, we had to hunt down street parking in a neighborhood we weren’t familiar with. The neighborhood is not sketchy, at least I don’t think so, but I hate circling for parking and not really knowing where I’m going.

Once we found parking we sidled up to the bar to check out their offerings. They’re (quite nicely) displayed on a flat screen TV behind the bar. Since we didn’t plan on visiting Apex, we hadn’t checked out their live menu on their site (cool, right?). They also have hundreds of bottles available to go (they even have SIerra Nevada Hoptimum- try it, you’ll love it).



They have a good amount of tables inside. We went on a Saturday afternoon and didn’t have a problem snagging a table. They have a ton of tables outside which would be an awesome idea in the summer but seems like a waste of (parking) space when it’s freezing out. I bet it’s lovely sitting out in the sun when it’s not 35 degrees out.


Also they have pinball.


Overall Apex was awesome. It’s hard not to compare and contrast with Bailey’s but Apex is its own beer bar. Would we go back? It’s definitely a drive for us and driving and imbibing is a no go, so probably not for anything more than one beer. They have so many different types of beer on tap, why just try one! If you’re on the Eastside and have a safe way home go have some beer at Apex.


9 thoughts on “It’s Friday, you should grab a beer

  1. I LOVE Apex! Especially in the summer–it reminds me of Germany and Biergartens! Have you tried Cascade on the east side? We really enjoy their sours!

  2. Hi! I found your blog thanks to PDX Bloggers. I also live by PSU and go to Baileys a lot (though I’m trying to cut back. It is seriously crowded there all the time now). I actually don’t care for Apex because of their cash only policy. But, since you mentioned wanting to explore beer options and the parking, just kitty corner from Apex is Beermongers, and I really like them (and Portabella, which is a veggie restaurant). And THEY have a parking lot in front of them. They are more similar to Baileys because they have special taps and brewers come in and lots and lots of bottles to open and drink there. Though seriously all I end up doing every time is taking the #4 bus and inevitably a $10 taxi back using TaxiMagic app on my phone. Is it sad that I have this system of relying on taxis home?

    1. Ugh yes I forgot Apex only takes cash. I happened to have cash on me that day. Like the only day I ever had cash on me. We eyed Beermongers and wondered what it was. The only time we hang out on the eastside? When we can figure out the bus or grab a taxi. I totally get it!

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