Just when I thought I had shaken this cold, round two came from out of nowhere to kick my ass. It completely disrupted my plans for today. Nothing is pleasant when your face is completely stuffed up and you feel like you’re on fire. Nothing, that is, except maybe soup. And the only thing better than that? Hot pot.

Why would you take a decongestant when you can sit next to a boiling pot of broth?! I know…how was that even a question. We had walked by Hot Pot City for months before we tried it. Now it’s a constant craving. It doesn’t get any better than sitting at a table with your own personal pot of broth and a bar full of fresh meats, veg, noodles, and seafood for you to choose from.

You know things are heating up at Hot Pot City when you walk in ten minutes after they open for dinner service and the windows are already steamy.


We can easily sit at the bar for an hour and slurp away at our soup. Each trip we make to get ingredients for our soup gets more and more outrageous. We pile our plates high with lamb, noodles, spinach, tofu, and fish balls.


How is it even possible to leave without having to be hoisted or rolled out?! I don’t even know but after an hour I was defeated and my nose was probably running down my face.

Hot Pot City.

Go. You can thank me later.


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