Fig Newmans



Tonight we were going to go to Ox. I’ve had a gift certificate for a couple of months now and tonight was the perfect night to use it. We got there at 5:30 and there was a 90 minute wait. It seemed a bit much so we left. That really put a damper on my date night excitement.

Where did we go to hang our heads in bummed outedness? New Seasons on SE Division! After I bought some veg to juice and Fig Newmans to shove in my face dejectedly, we decided to get back to the West Side and go to Laughing Planet for a bean bowl (let’s face it, all their menu options are bowls/burritos chock full of fiber).

laughing planet southwest bowl

Moral of the story? Get to Ox at 5 sharp and also my Nokia Lumina 920 takes awesome pictures in the dark without a flash.

Happy date night, yo!


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