Memory Jar Monday

Last night Adam pulled a slip from the memory pile (my memory jar has been turned into a terrarium). The question he pulled: what is the craziest thing you have ever done?

I’d say, besides putting up with Adams’s sass mouthed shenanigans for five years, the craziest thing I have ever done was probably move to Portland. We really moved on a whim. An educated and well thought out whim, but a whim nonetheless. We threw around the idea of moving for nearly six months and both agreed Portland would be the best place to live. Neither of us had ever been here before. After reading up on all things Portland, we planned a weekend trip. We toured a handful of apartments and spent a few days roaming around the city. We moved a few weeks later.

Whenever someone asks what brought me to Portland or why I moved I tell them “because I wanted to” or “just because”. I love that I can say that. Yeah, sometimes it sounds a little silly saying “just because” but it makes me really proud of myself. I did something I wanted to do! I moved hundreds of miles away because I felt like it. And (besides me and Adam) how many people can say that!?


2 thoughts on “Memory Jar Monday

  1. The only thing to remember about Portland is that it gets under your skin. After a year or so, you won’t picture yourself anywhere else. It grows on you…like a wetland fungus.

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