Memory Jar Monday

Since my memory jar was donated to Adam’s terrarium making, he put my slips in another jar. Sierra really likes this jar and that is why this week’s slip is a little slobbery. Sierra’s pick this week:

Are you a loyal person? Can you keep a secret?

Sometimes I hate answering questions like this because I feel like I’m tooting my own horn and it makes me feel awkward. I always end up looking to Adam to see what he says. I know these things about myself but it’s always nice to know that someone else sees it in you. I’m not good about receiving compliments or complimenting myself in general.

I’m loyal. I think I’m a loyal person. I know I can keep a secret. I understand secrets can be hairy sometimes and I want to be that person other people can trust. Maybe it’s why I don’t have too many friends. Maybe there isn’t that mutual trust. And that’s ok. Not everyone is going to fall into friend love with me. I guess I’ve been lucky enough to have a few close friends that I would do anything for and really that’s all I need. It’s especially hard moving to a new place where I don’t have friends. I need to find people I trust here and I’m sure there are people out there who are in need of a good friend. Someone recently told me she read somewhere that it takes someone a year to make a friend after moving to a new city. Only six more months….







One thought on “Memory Jar Monday

  1. dad

    I’m sorry about that compliment thing, you may get from me. I’m bad at saying thank you. I realize I just don’t say anything back.

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