It’s our Portlandversary!

March first is our six month Portlandversary. Here’s a little look back at our first 3 months.

In September we…

…went to Bacon Fest.

…Became Members of OMSI After Dark

NOKIA Lumia 900_001411

 …got real adult haircuts We got haircuts like real adults

…got sweaty and covered in colored chalk


…introduced Sierra to the Willamette River

Look who went in the water!

…went to a cheese festivalNOKIA Lumia 900_001614

…had a casualtyIMG_3634

…went to our first Portland Blogger Meet-upNOKIA Lumia 900_001704

In October we…

…tried Salt and Straw (and loved it)

NOKIA Lumia 900_001720

NOKIA Lumia 900_001722

…introduced Sierra to PSU campus/the Park BlocksNOKIA Lumia 900_001738

…went pumpkin picking IMG_3815

NOKIA Lumia 900_001858

…dressed up for Halloween IMG_3891

Misty and Ash

In November we…

…finally got Sierra to play in the fountainNOKIA Lumia 900_002059

…braved the elementsNOKIA Lumia 900_002103

…started hating elevatorsNOKIA Lumia 900_002104

…posed for Christmas Eve photosDSC_0010



Stay tuned for January through March!


13 thoughts on “It’s our Portlandversary!

  1. Happy Portlandversary! Mad props for being able to take a self-portrait of yourself AND hold your beer and get you both in. I seem to have a problem with always cutting part of our faces off. Maybe I have short arms. And, man Sierra has long legs!

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