Parents in Portland

Last weekend my parents finally visited me! It only took six months!!! Craziness. We did a lot of walking and a lot of eating. So brace yourselves for a big parents weekend photo dump!












We hung out at:

Brix Tavern

NE Alberta Street

N Mississippi

Salt and Straw

Blue Star Doughnuts

Pine State Biscuits

Voodoo Doughnut

Powell’s Books

Boke Bowl


10 thoughts on “Parents in Portland

  1. Very cute! You covered a lot of ground in just a weekend, and you picked some great Portland ambassadors with where you went! Hopefully they were impressed by PDX and want to return soon!

  2. Oh, my tummy is sympathetic. I love all that stuff you ate. And your folks look so happy to come along for the sensational tummy tour. We always have to pace ourselves on trips or we end up not hungry by the next mealtime. But that’s part of what makes traveling so great.

  3. dad

    We had a great time. We will be doing this again. Plus I have to have a rematch with Adam at shuffleboard.
    Love you guys and sierra.

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