Yesterday I experienced the most terrifying moment of my life. And I’ve been hit by a car.

Lights flashed and an alarm went off. I instructed my classroom volunteer to help me grab the kids we were watching. We headed out the door past the thick black smoke that clung to the ceiling.

It was a blur. I remember saying everything I was doing out loud like I was walking myself through the motions. I also remember how heavy the smoke felt in my lungs and how black it was coming out of the air vents.

I got one picture. Just as a reminder that it was real because nothing about yesterday felt real.


Thankfully everyone got out quickly and safely. The kids thought the fire trucks were cool. I, however, fell to bits as soon as I got home.


A four course meal and some exciting news

Monday night’s dinner was kind of a special thing for Adam and I. Not only did we have appetizers, but we also had dessert. We’ve only eaten dessert at a restaurant maybe once that I can think of and it was very recently. We usually only have dinner when we go out because our stomachs are too full and our wallets are too empty to stay for dessert.

We were seated promptly and had plenty of time to look over the menu. Adam and I carefully went over what we would get so we could share. The starters were easy to pick since there were only two to choose from. I chose the profiteroles with the pimento cheese and pea purée. Adam chose the cauliflower and nettle soup.


cauliflower soup

That soup was to die for delicious. And I don’t even like soup (unless I’m deathly ill). Also I didn’t take pictures of our salads because, although delicious, they were just salads and everyone knows what lettuce looks like.

Remember that episode of Always Sunny when Charlie orders a milk steak? Well this is kind of like that except it’s milk braised pork. And it was awesome.


Also, my halibut. I could eat this everyday.


Then dessert came. Adam got the fruit spice cake. It was moist and delicious and lovely.


I went with the crème brulee because it’s always what I order if it’s on the menu. This one even had a side! A crème brulee with a side of shortbread cookies!


In closing, I’d like to say how awesome and fun this dinner was. You should definitely check this little spot out. But where is it, you ask? The Oregon Culinary Institute in Portland (Goose Hollow). They’re open Monday-Friday for lunch at noon and dinner at 7pm.

Also I just applied for their baking and pastry program. So there’s that. Making my dreams come true. There’s no better time than now.

we went on a date

We don’t go on many dates, but when we do…

…we take public transportation.


… we usually find somewhere with cheap eats we can share.



We’ve been together for 5 and a half years. At this point in our relationship our date nights go a little something like this: Adam and I decide to go on a date. We go to the restaurant we decide to go. Something falls through. We hang our heads and go home and try to plan another date night.

This almost happened when we decided to go to Portland City Grill. We got there about an hour into their happy hour and, after two swoops through the bar area, we couldn’t find anywhere to sit. We were just about to go home dejectedly when we decided to take one more jaunt through the bar when I spied some cash on the bar. Figuring the people were going to leave soon, I waited and ended up snagging two spots at the bar for Adam and I. Overall, it’s a really awesome place for happy hour. The view is as amazing as their prices. We got two plates (blue cheese fries and short ribs) and two cheap beers for $20 (not including tip). If you have any patience for spot hunting at happy hour, I’d definitely say give it a try.

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was GORGEOUS here in Portland. We took advantage of the wonderful weather and spent most of the weekend outside. When we weren’t feasting, we went out on a couple Easter excursions.

We planned such a feast we had to break our Easter up into two days. On Saturday we had egg clouds and bacon asparagus strata. For dessert I made almond doughnut holes with pistachio glaze.





After we feasted, we took Sierra for a walk down to the South Waterfront. She loves it there. I think she misses being able to play in the grass.


On Sunday we made onion and pepper galettes with eggs on top as well as mini cupcake carrot cakes.

galette raw


Since it was the most perfectly amazing day, we took Sierra out to Mt. Tabor Park. It was our first time going and it definitely won’t be our last. We all loved it.








All our brunch recipes came from here: