we went on a date

We don’t go on many dates, but when we do…

…we take public transportation.


… we usually find somewhere with cheap eats we can share.



We’ve been together for 5 and a half years. At this point in our relationship our date nights go a little something like this: Adam and I decide to go on a date. We go to the restaurant we decide to go. Something falls through. We hang our heads and go home and try to plan another date night.

This almost happened when we decided to go to Portland City Grill. We got there about an hour into their happy hour and, after two swoops through the bar area, we couldn’t find anywhere to sit. We were just about to go home dejectedly when we decided to take one more jaunt through the bar when I spied some cash on the bar. Figuring the people were going to leave soon, I waited and ended up snagging two spots at the bar for Adam and I. Overall, it’s a really awesome place for happy hour. The view is as amazing as their prices. We got two plates (blue cheese fries and short ribs) and two cheap beers for $20 (not including tip). If you have any patience for spot hunting at happy hour, I’d definitely say give it a try.


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