Yesterday I experienced the most terrifying moment of my life. And I’ve been hit by a car.

Lights flashed and an alarm went off. I instructed my classroom volunteer to help me grab the kids we were watching. We headed out the door past the thick black smoke that clung to the ceiling.

It was a blur. I remember saying everything I was doing out loud like I was walking myself through the motions. I also remember how heavy the smoke felt in my lungs and how black it was coming out of the air vents.

I got one picture. Just as a reminder that it was real because nothing about yesterday felt real.


Thankfully everyone got out quickly and safely. The kids thought the fire trucks were cool. I, however, fell to bits as soon as I got home.


5 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. That’s one of those things you only ever hear about! So glad everything was okay and everyone got out safely. Kudos to you for keeping your cool for the baby kiddos.

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