Wordless Wednesday

Things I make in class edition…



we went on a date

We don’t go on many dates, but when we do…

…we take public transportation.


… we usually find somewhere with cheap eats we can share.



We’ve been together for 5 and a half years. At this point in our relationship our date nights go a little something like this: Adam and I decide to go on a date. We go to the restaurant we decide to go. Something falls through. We hang our heads and go home and try to plan another date night.

This almost happened when we decided to go to Portland City Grill. We got there about an hour into their happy hour and, after two swoops through the bar area, we couldn’t find anywhere to sit. We were just about to go home dejectedly when we decided to take one more jaunt through the bar when I spied some cash on the bar. Figuring the people were going to leave soon, I waited and ended up snagging two spots at the bar for Adam and I. Overall, it’s a really awesome place for happy hour. The view is as amazing as their prices. We got two plates (blue cheese fries and short ribs) and two cheap beers for $20 (not including tip). If you have any patience for spot hunting at happy hour, I’d definitely say give it a try.

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was GORGEOUS here in Portland. We took advantage of the wonderful weather and spent most of the weekend outside. When we weren’t feasting, we went out on a couple Easter excursions.

We planned such a feast we had to break our Easter up into two days. On Saturday we had egg clouds and bacon asparagus strata. For dessert I made almond doughnut holes with pistachio glaze.





After we feasted, we took Sierra for a walk down to the South Waterfront. She loves it there. I think she misses being able to play in the grass.


On Sunday we made onion and pepper galettes with eggs on top as well as mini cupcake carrot cakes.

galette raw


Since it was the most perfectly amazing day, we took Sierra out to Mt. Tabor Park. It was our first time going and it definitely won’t be our last. We all loved it.








All our brunch recipes came from here: http://www.buzzfeed.com/rachelysanders/colorful-easter-brunch





It’s our Portlandversary- part two

And now for part two…

In January we….

…stayed up til midnight ringing in the new year.


…we experienced some weather.

…tried to keep Sierra warm.

…we found a new place to hang out.

…let Sierra lead the way.

…ate grilled cheese sandwiches on a psychedelic school bus.

…packed up and headed west for valentine’s day

…celebrated beer.

…tried new places.

…brought some color into our lives.

…geeked out at OMSI After Dark.

…showed my parents around Portland.

Our Fifth Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day.

I am currently on my bathroom floor dying my hair blue. While drinking wine out of a Bonne Maman jelly cup. While blogging.

It’s been a successful Valentine’s Day.

Adam and I celebrated our fifth Valentine’s Day together today. This is the first year where I haven’t been deathly ill/recovering from being deathly ill. It was also one of the only years where we both had the day completely free of obligations. We were planning a day away on the mountain. Then we realized I didn’t have snow clothes. So if you can’t go east you might as well go west! And we headed for the coast.

We had gone to dinner Wednesday and had a sweet little moment to ourselves. It was perfect (There’s nothing better than meat, cheese, and gin…story to come later). Since we had had such a perfect Valentine’s Day eve, we had to follow it up with a perfect Valentine’s Day. We planned on taking puppy and some cheese and a baguette to the coast and just enjoy the day all together. We talked about hanging out at Manzanita beach, but I got too hungry and had to pit stop at Cannon Beach.


Best pit stop ever. It was gorgeous. We had the beach to ourselves. I couldn’t even believe how few people were around. It was perfect. We picked the best spot to have our picnic.

picnicIt was the most tastiest picnic. Yeah. Most tastiest. It was that good.

She had her eyes on the prize.


Can I tell you how much I love these two?!? It’s nuts.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sometimes you need a doughnut

I am a nanny. I get boogers handed to me on a daily basis. I get coughs straight in my face. Getting colds should be in my job description.

So after spending nearly a week on the couch I wanted to get out and breathe some fresh air. It was like it was meant to be! The sun came out and was like “yo Ashley welcome back to real life” and I was like “yo sun it’s been a while”.

Adam and I walked all around downtown Portland and it was awesome. I figured since I had eaten nothing but packaged ramen for a week I could treat myself. I’d heard great things about Blue Star and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on their delicious doughnuts.


The space is gorgeous. It’s clean, bright, and you can’t help but sit and stay a while.


Adam got the bacon maple and I got the peanut butter and jelly.



And they even had puppy doughnuts!


Doughnuts are having a moment in Portland. I completely understand why. Blue Star doughnuts aren’t flashy or funky like the other big name doughnut store in town but they are melt in your mouth delicious; you can taste the freshness. Blue Star is definitely worth a visit.


Just when I thought I had shaken this cold, round two came from out of nowhere to kick my ass. It completely disrupted my plans for today. Nothing is pleasant when your face is completely stuffed up and you feel like you’re on fire. Nothing, that is, except maybe soup. And the only thing better than that? Hot pot.

Why would you take a decongestant when you can sit next to a boiling pot of broth?! I know…how was that even a question. We had walked by Hot Pot City for months before we tried it. Now it’s a constant craving. It doesn’t get any better than sitting at a table with your own personal pot of broth and a bar full of fresh meats, veg, noodles, and seafood for you to choose from.

You know things are heating up at Hot Pot City when you walk in ten minutes after they open for dinner service and the windows are already steamy.


We can easily sit at the bar for an hour and slurp away at our soup. Each trip we make to get ingredients for our soup gets more and more outrageous. We pile our plates high with lamb, noodles, spinach, tofu, and fish balls.


How is it even possible to leave without having to be hoisted or rolled out?! I don’t even know but after an hour I was defeated and my nose was probably running down my face.

Hot Pot City.

Go. You can thank me later.