I live in Portland now

You read that right.
I’ve been completely overwhelmed by unpacking and buying furniture and sneaking cut up cardboard boxes into the garbage shoot.
Don’t worry, you haven’t missed much. We’ve only been here since Labor Day weekend and all we did that weekend was impress Adam’s parents with the insane amount of amazing food and beer Portland has to offer. But this is our first weekend where we didn’t have to put together a couch or make an Ikea run to buy a dining table. We just got to enjoy our time in this wonderful city.

To celebrate the first paycheck as a Portlander, Adam and I went out! Partially because it’s Friday and partially because I wanted to put off doing laundry for the fifth straight day in a row.

We walked (because we missed that $%&#@-Ing streetcar by five seconds) to a place called Bailey’s Taproom. If you guessed they served beer then you guessed right! They only have 20 beers on tap and that’s all they have. Find out what you do and do it well, right? We had awesome beers! The drawback? Only one Tv. The awesomeness? Only one TV- showing what beers are on tap and how much longer until the keg is tapped.

Saturday was a shopping day. After we hit the PSU farmers market (and Adam wasn’t embarrassed that I had ice cream before clocks hit the PM mark), went downtown to contribute to our local economy. We both needed some new shirts so we headed downtown and tried to find the Gap. Turns out there’s this huge underground mall downtown and we had no idea.
I swear this ice cream and cookie combo is magical.

Today we headed out to brunch because Sunday is for brunching! And football. We went to a sweet little place called Morningstar Cafe where Adam fell in love with their spicy bloody Mary and house made corned beef hash and I fell in love with their special-bacon avocado benedict (and their gigantic mimosas).

Don’t worry, dad…I did my laundry this morning. Finally. I’m totally an adult.