I love love

Let me tell you about how one of my favorite people in the world turned me into a blubbering idiot.

It started with Adam’s first flight on Virgin America. It’s like flying in a disco dance party.

And me teaching Adam how to iron so I could get ready.

My parents look spiffy.

My dad puts up with me taking a million pictures.

Can we talk about how gorgeous The Bridges Golf Club is?!

We clean up nicely.

We’re only a little embarrassing.

Good thing my makeup was completely waterproof.

The first time I’ve ever seen my grandpa smile.

Our table aka the cool kids club.

Stop making me cry already. Also, those socks.

The second time I’ve ever seen my grandpa smile.


My dad and his uncle give my grandma a hard time. She’s such a good sport about our family’s shenanigans.

Coolest photo booth.

Cutting the cake. My dad totally made that cupcake stand.

We’re awesome.

Me and my mums rocking our sweet wedding outfits. Her shoes rocked by the way. And probably could’ve taken someone out.

My dad wins at weddings. He and my uncle had the BEST time of everyone.

My favorite part of staying in a hotel.

Oh weddings, you take so much out of me but I love you anyway. I’m in love with love.


Our Fifth Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day.

I am currently on my bathroom floor dying my hair blue. While drinking wine out of a Bonne Maman jelly cup. While blogging.

It’s been a successful Valentine’s Day.

Adam and I celebrated our fifth Valentine’s Day together today. This is the first year where I haven’t been deathly ill/recovering from being deathly ill. It was also one of the only years where we both had the day completely free of obligations. We were planning a day away on the mountain. Then we realized I didn’t have snow clothes. So if you can’t go east you might as well go west! And we headed for the coast.

We had gone to dinner Wednesday and had a sweet little moment to ourselves. It was perfect (There’s nothing better than meat, cheese, and gin…story to come later). Since we had had such a perfect Valentine’s Day eve, we had to follow it up with a perfect Valentine’s Day. We planned on taking puppy and some cheese and a baguette to the coast and just enjoy the day all together. We talked about hanging out at Manzanita beach, but I got too hungry and had to pit stop at Cannon Beach.


Best pit stop ever. It was gorgeous. We had the beach to ourselves. I couldn’t even believe how few people were around. It was perfect. We picked the best spot to have our picnic.

picnicIt was the most tastiest picnic. Yeah. Most tastiest. It was that good.

She had her eyes on the prize.


Can I tell you how much I love these two?!? It’s nuts.


Happy Valentine’s Day!