Peaceful places in Portland

There is something peacefully magical about Cathedral Park.

Maybe it’s the grandeur of the St. John’s Bridge.


Or the way the sun casts beams of light so they hit the bridge just so.


Or maybe it’s the way the park hidden away and as soon as you catch a glimpse of it your heart stops for a moment.



It’s that time again

It’s my favorite season.


Fall is the most beautiful season in Portland. I love wearing boots. I even went out and bought boots.

I’ve completely fallen in love with my new rain boots.

I’ve even jumped in several large puddles (to make sure they’re doing their job)

I fell in love with my new favorite coffee shop.

And I’ve completely fallen for my new favorite coffee. Ethiopian is always a good choice!

Happy Fall! Let’s all celebrate!

I love love

Let me tell you about how one of my favorite people in the world turned me into a blubbering idiot.

It started with Adam’s first flight on Virgin America. It’s like flying in a disco dance party.

And me teaching Adam how to iron so I could get ready.

My parents look spiffy.

My dad puts up with me taking a million pictures.

Can we talk about how gorgeous The Bridges Golf Club is?!

We clean up nicely.

We’re only a little embarrassing.

Good thing my makeup was completely waterproof.

The first time I’ve ever seen my grandpa smile.

Our table aka the cool kids club.

Stop making me cry already. Also, those socks.

The second time I’ve ever seen my grandpa smile.


My dad and his uncle give my grandma a hard time. She’s such a good sport about our family’s shenanigans.

Coolest photo booth.

Cutting the cake. My dad totally made that cupcake stand.

We’re awesome.

Me and my mums rocking our sweet wedding outfits. Her shoes rocked by the way. And probably could’ve taken someone out.

My dad wins at weddings. He and my uncle had the BEST time of everyone.

My favorite part of staying in a hotel.

Oh weddings, you take so much out of me but I love you anyway. I’m in love with love.

It’s our Portlandversary- part two

And now for part two…

In January we….

…stayed up til midnight ringing in the new year.


…we experienced some weather.

…tried to keep Sierra warm.

…we found a new place to hang out.

…let Sierra lead the way.

…ate grilled cheese sandwiches on a psychedelic school bus.

…packed up and headed west for valentine’s day

…celebrated beer.

…tried new places.

…brought some color into our lives.

…geeked out at OMSI After Dark.

…showed my parents around Portland.

Playing catch up

So you’re totally thinking “oh my gosh Ashley totally just moved to Portland and abandoned her blog and turned into a total boring homebody”.

Oh friends… How wrong you are.

This is what I’ve been up to for the past few weeks. Also this all just came out of my pretty new purse that’s been doubling as a diaper bag.


In the past few weeks I have:
-been to the Oregon Zoo twice
-been to the Children’s Museum three times
-driven to California for a wedding
-joined Rogue Nation
-chopped 4 inches off my hair
-became a member of OMSI After Dark
-been a runner at The Color Run
-went to a festival devoted to local cheese making
-been to the East Side twice (both via public transportation)
-semi figured out the streetcar, am able to understand the MAX, and am completely baffled by the bus lines
-passed my Oregon drivers license test
-come home every week night exhausted from caring for awesome kids

Here are a few shots from the past few weeks:







I live in Portland now

You read that right.
I’ve been completely overwhelmed by unpacking and buying furniture and sneaking cut up cardboard boxes into the garbage shoot.
Don’t worry, you haven’t missed much. We’ve only been here since Labor Day weekend and all we did that weekend was impress Adam’s parents with the insane amount of amazing food and beer Portland has to offer. But this is our first weekend where we didn’t have to put together a couch or make an Ikea run to buy a dining table. We just got to enjoy our time in this wonderful city.

To celebrate the first paycheck as a Portlander, Adam and I went out! Partially because it’s Friday and partially because I wanted to put off doing laundry for the fifth straight day in a row.

We walked (because we missed that $%&#@-Ing streetcar by five seconds) to a place called Bailey’s Taproom. If you guessed they served beer then you guessed right! They only have 20 beers on tap and that’s all they have. Find out what you do and do it well, right? We had awesome beers! The drawback? Only one Tv. The awesomeness? Only one TV- showing what beers are on tap and how much longer until the keg is tapped.

Saturday was a shopping day. After we hit the PSU farmers market (and Adam wasn’t embarrassed that I had ice cream before clocks hit the PM mark), went downtown to contribute to our local economy. We both needed some new shirts so we headed downtown and tried to find the Gap. Turns out there’s this huge underground mall downtown and we had no idea.
I swear this ice cream and cookie combo is magical.

Today we headed out to brunch because Sunday is for brunching! And football. We went to a sweet little place called Morningstar Cafe where Adam fell in love with their spicy bloody Mary and house made corned beef hash and I fell in love with their special-bacon avocado benedict (and their gigantic mimosas).

Don’t worry, dad…I did my laundry this morning. Finally. I’m totally an adult.

Road trip! Day One..

Yesterday Adam and Sierra came to visit!!!

We are staying in the Gaslamp District of San Diego at a hotel chain that we absolutely love. It’s Sierra’s first hotel stay and I was a little scared she wouldn’t like elevators or being in a hotel room. But she actually enjoys elevator rides and the big comfy bed.

After we got settled, we walked Sierra around the block. A lady with a dog told us about The Park at Petco Park. As it turns out, it’s only a block and a half away from the hotel so we took a nice little walk through the park and Sierra loved it.

We went to a fun little gastropub last night that we’ve already decided to frequent while we’re in town. Partially because of the shuffleboard and partially because their mac n cheese is to die for delicious.

Stay tuned for day two…