One year Portlandversary

On September 1st, 2012 Adam and I moved to Portland. You’ve seen our first six months here; now her Here’s a little look back at the past 6 months in Portland.

The sun came out in April.

So we decided to eat outdoors.

Took Sierra to Washington Park and discovered she is an adventure dog

Decided to change things up a bit.

Flew back home to cry my face off in public watch my cousin get married.

Adam and I went on a date/took in the view from Portland City Grill.

Celebrated my 27th birthday (my first birthday celebration as a Portlander).

Experienced Boke Bird Thursday.

Said goodbye to our old backyard.

And hello to our new backyard.

Made some big life changes.

Celebrated Adam’s 27th birthday (first one as a Portlander).

My favorite cousin came to visit.

We went to a few festivals on the Waterfront.

Looked like a clown on my first day of school.

Said goodbye to our old kitchen

And hello to our new kitchen

Discovered the wonders that are Portland Flea finds.

And now we’re settling into our new place and adding some personal touches.

And a big happy one year moving anniversary to my parents too! I love the way your new house is coming together!


Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was GORGEOUS here in Portland. We took advantage of the wonderful weather and spent most of the weekend outside. When we weren’t feasting, we went out on a couple Easter excursions.

We planned such a feast we had to break our Easter up into two days. On Saturday we had egg clouds and bacon asparagus strata. For dessert I made almond doughnut holes with pistachio glaze.





After we feasted, we took Sierra for a walk down to the South Waterfront. She loves it there. I think she misses being able to play in the grass.


On Sunday we made onion and pepper galettes with eggs on top as well as mini cupcake carrot cakes.

galette raw


Since it was the most perfectly amazing day, we took Sierra out to Mt. Tabor Park. It was our first time going and it definitely won’t be our last. We all loved it.








All our brunch recipes came from here:





It’s our Portlandversary- part two

And now for part two…

In January we….

…stayed up til midnight ringing in the new year.


…we experienced some weather.

…tried to keep Sierra warm.

…we found a new place to hang out.

…let Sierra lead the way.

…ate grilled cheese sandwiches on a psychedelic school bus.

…packed up and headed west for valentine’s day

…celebrated beer.

…tried new places.

…brought some color into our lives.

…geeked out at OMSI After Dark.

…showed my parents around Portland.

It’s our Portlandversary!

March first is our six month Portlandversary. Here’s a little look back at our first 3 months.

In September we…

…went to Bacon Fest.

…Became Members of OMSI After Dark

NOKIA Lumia 900_001411

 …got real adult haircuts We got haircuts like real adults

…got sweaty and covered in colored chalk


…introduced Sierra to the Willamette River

Look who went in the water!

…went to a cheese festivalNOKIA Lumia 900_001614

…had a casualtyIMG_3634

…went to our first Portland Blogger Meet-upNOKIA Lumia 900_001704

In October we…

…tried Salt and Straw (and loved it)

NOKIA Lumia 900_001720

NOKIA Lumia 900_001722

…introduced Sierra to PSU campus/the Park BlocksNOKIA Lumia 900_001738

…went pumpkin picking IMG_3815

NOKIA Lumia 900_001858

…dressed up for Halloween IMG_3891

Misty and Ash

In November we…

…finally got Sierra to play in the fountainNOKIA Lumia 900_002059

…braved the elementsNOKIA Lumia 900_002103

…started hating elevatorsNOKIA Lumia 900_002104

…posed for Christmas Eve photosDSC_0010



Stay tuned for January through March!

Our Fifth Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day.

I am currently on my bathroom floor dying my hair blue. While drinking wine out of a Bonne Maman jelly cup. While blogging.

It’s been a successful Valentine’s Day.

Adam and I celebrated our fifth Valentine’s Day together today. This is the first year where I haven’t been deathly ill/recovering from being deathly ill. It was also one of the only years where we both had the day completely free of obligations. We were planning a day away on the mountain. Then we realized I didn’t have snow clothes. So if you can’t go east you might as well go west! And we headed for the coast.

We had gone to dinner Wednesday and had a sweet little moment to ourselves. It was perfect (There’s nothing better than meat, cheese, and gin…story to come later). Since we had had such a perfect Valentine’s Day eve, we had to follow it up with a perfect Valentine’s Day. We planned on taking puppy and some cheese and a baguette to the coast and just enjoy the day all together. We talked about hanging out at Manzanita beach, but I got too hungry and had to pit stop at Cannon Beach.


Best pit stop ever. It was gorgeous. We had the beach to ourselves. I couldn’t even believe how few people were around. It was perfect. We picked the best spot to have our picnic.

picnicIt was the most tastiest picnic. Yeah. Most tastiest. It was that good.

She had her eyes on the prize.


Can I tell you how much I love these two?!? It’s nuts.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

A little late, but I had to share

 I love these pictures too much not to share them. On Christmas Eve, Adam and I went out for a walk down by the river. It was cold, I had my camera, and we had a whole day to ourselves to do whatever the hell we wanted. In true Ashley fashion, I held a mini photo shoot at South Waterfront Park. Something about seeing the mossy trees… and tall reeds… and not liking to take pictures of nature just got to me so I told Adam to go stand in front of a tree so I could take his picture.

Of course he did.

After a bit of whining I got my way.

And he even took a picture of me.

We even got a picture of Sierra and her gross disgusting beard.

Oh well. She needed a bath anyway after getting in the river. I think she likes it here.

I have this friend

I have a problem. I refuse to leave the house without looking at least halfway decent. I never wore pjs or sweats to class in college. I will always make time to put on makeup no matter how late I am running. Adam used to tell me “Lowes is not a fashion show”. That is just how I am.

I have this friend who lives in my building. I’m convinced she thinks I’m just a hot mess. Every time I run into her I look awful. When I met her we were watching the Giants playoff games and it was just after wine tasting and right before my second tall glass of local IPA. After that I ran into her when I was running home from the gym and it was pouring rain out.

This morning was no different. It’s my day off, Adam is home sick, and Sierra was acting funny. Instead of taking my chances I threw my Uggs on, brushed my teeth, and harnessed Sierra up. We headed outside and braved the 40*F weather. Just as I bent down to pick up Sierra’s business I hear “HEY GUYS!”. Immediately I think ‘are you serious right now why does this happen to me I’m in my pjs and I’m bending over and I’m holding poop’. And just to make me more awkward than I already am, she lingered a few minutes and we chatted about my haircut and hanging out this week (mind you I was still holding the poop bag in the cold).

What a fun start to the day! I’m going to go hide under my couch now.