Watching// Anything I can figure out how to watch on my laptop. I don’t own a TV so I’ve really had to step up my internet game in order to find live streams of the news and decent movies on Netflix.

Reading// Anything and everything. I’ve recently discovered the library and I’ve got e-book copies of Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg for Ladies Who Brunch Book Club and Look At Me by Jennifer Egan because I kicked myself for leaving it at the used book store after I started reading a few pages.

Listening// Quite obsessively been listening to Noah Gundersen’s newest album, Ledges. And you should to. His songs were absolutely hauntingly beautiful live and totally moved me in a way I’ve never experienced with music.

Making// My own lunches. I’ve been a full time nanny since the beginning of January and since the family and I have different diets and I hate eating other people’s food, I’ve been packing salads and snacks to get me through my days.

Feeling// Tired. Sleep is hard to come by lately and I’ve made things harder by trying to get to the gym before work (5am).

Planning// A trip. I haven’t taken a vacation in close to ten years and I strongly believe I deserve one. I’ve been tossing around going to Vancouver,BC by train, visiting the BFF in Philly, and more long term, Iceland.

Loving// The idea of having a week to myself between nanny gigs. Rest, relaxation, and exploring Portland are on the agenda.

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Another year older

Hey! I turned 27!

What did I want to do for my birthday? Go to brunch, of course! We hopped on the streetcar and went to Tasty N Alder . It was on my list of places to eat for a long time. And it was amazing.

Apparently I like getting drinks as dark as my outfits. And Adam likes getting bloody marys that are garnished with meals.

Cheers to 27!

I ordered the doughnut. I wanted to start out with something sweet on my birthday.

Adam’s steak sandwich came out first. Insta-intimiated by it.

Hello, fried chicken biscuit sandwich.

My favorite part of my birthday (besides making my cake). Sitting at home in sweats and Uggs and being out of the rain.

Sierra likes catching the champagne corks.

I made a lemon champagne cake with creme de violette frosting.

Who have I become!?

Today was a typical Tuesday. I woke up before the sun, made my pre-Rockstar cup of coffee (actually its more like my Keurig makes me a cup of coffee), got ready, and went to work. I come home and see Adam for a bit (he works nights), and then spend some time with the pup.




When Sierra and I got home from our run we went and checked the mail. Today was an awesome mail day, by the way. Adam got a pair of shoes and I got my TheBerry Morning Coffee mug.
We also got our toilet paper and dish soap.


Yeah you read that right. Toilet paper. Oh but Ashley why don’t you just go to Target, you ask? Like I can’t be bothered to go to the store or something!? It’s a twenty minute car ride away! I’d rather things come to my front door and get excited about opening it! It’s like someone (aka you) sent you a care package complete with a sweet note saying ‘Enjoy!’ (of course I’ve never written myself a note… only on the presents I buy for Sierra).

I’ve become that girl. Great.