Sometimes your 3 year Portlandversary comes up and, after reflecting on the past six months, you realize life just has gotten in its own way and had started to stumble over itself.

So I made a huge irrationally spontaneous (and very much not me) decision to cash in my miles, pack my bags, and step away from my little Portland life for a week.

I know taking a trip home to stay with your parents for a bit isn’t always everyones idea of rest and relaxation. But they’ve probably never experienced the tiny town I hail from.

My mornings consisted of soaking up the sun and making friends.

And my evenings were spent soaking up the view.

I’m rested. I’m recharged. I’m ready to get back to living.


A year in the life…

In the past year I have:
– moved 4 times



new placeffa11e3be10126dbc83a254_7 20140729-192332-69812705.jpg

-started and graduated pastry school

SavedPicture-20139275224.jpg 20140430-071455.jpg

-started and finished my pastry externship



-had five different jobs

-fostered/adopted a dog


–  gone through two breakups


So. If anyone was wondering why the hiatus… Now you know.

Now I’m not a cougar

Adam always teases that I am a cougar.

Am I older than him? Yes. How much older, you ask? Three weeks. Twenty five days, to be exact.

We celebrated his birthday like we celebrate all other big days-with brunch!



His benedict

adams brunch


My gluten free, dairy free Brussels hash


ashleys brunch


We went for a stroll through the farmer’s market on the way back from brunch.


We took an official birthday picture.




I think he had a fun first Portland birthday.













Just a little clip

I have no idea what day it is. Apparently we are already halfway through May. And you know what that means!


Before I start posting about all the adventures I’ve already had this month, let me give you a little glimpse into my little May life so far.






Guess that week of hot weather got the better of me and I did something crazy. Can’t wait for summer!

Happy May!







Yesterday I experienced the most terrifying moment of my life. And I’ve been hit by a car.

Lights flashed and an alarm went off. I instructed my classroom volunteer to help me grab the kids we were watching. We headed out the door past the thick black smoke that clung to the ceiling.

It was a blur. I remember saying everything I was doing out loud like I was walking myself through the motions. I also remember how heavy the smoke felt in my lungs and how black it was coming out of the air vents.

I got one picture. Just as a reminder that it was real because nothing about yesterday felt real.


Thankfully everyone got out quickly and safely. The kids thought the fire trucks were cool. I, however, fell to bits as soon as I got home.

A four course meal and some exciting news

Monday night’s dinner was kind of a special thing for Adam and I. Not only did we have appetizers, but we also had dessert. We’ve only eaten dessert at a restaurant maybe once that I can think of and it was very recently. We usually only have dinner when we go out because our stomachs are too full and our wallets are too empty to stay for dessert.

We were seated promptly and had plenty of time to look over the menu. Adam and I carefully went over what we would get so we could share. The starters were easy to pick since there were only two to choose from. I chose the profiteroles with the pimento cheese and pea purée. Adam chose the cauliflower and nettle soup.


cauliflower soup

That soup was to die for delicious. And I don’t even like soup (unless I’m deathly ill). Also I didn’t take pictures of our salads because, although delicious, they were just salads and everyone knows what lettuce looks like.

Remember that episode of Always Sunny when Charlie orders a milk steak? Well this is kind of like that except it’s milk braised pork. And it was awesome.


Also, my halibut. I could eat this everyday.


Then dessert came. Adam got the fruit spice cake. It was moist and delicious and lovely.


I went with the crème brulee because it’s always what I order if it’s on the menu. This one even had a side! A crème brulee with a side of shortbread cookies!


In closing, I’d like to say how awesome and fun this dinner was. You should definitely check this little spot out. But where is it, you ask? The Oregon Culinary Institute in Portland (Goose Hollow). They’re open Monday-Friday for lunch at noon and dinner at 7pm.

Also I just applied for their baking and pastry program. So there’s that. Making my dreams come true. There’s no better time than now.

My favorite time of the year

It’s fall in Portland. Ok well its fall in most places right now but you get the idea. I used to think that nothing topped Chico in the fall but I’m beginning to think maybe Portland takes the cake for Best in Show: fall edition. It’s just gorgeous here.

In an effort to do fun things, go exploring, and get Halloween ready Adam and I took a trip out to Sauvie Island to pick pumpkins!

It was beautiful.

It was muddy.

How are pumpkin patches so muddy?! Oh yeah they’re gourds that grow in the ground…

We hopped on a truck piled high with hay and it took us out to a super big patch of pumpkins.

I’d never gone on a hay ride before and I also had never taken into consideration that the pumpkins we went to pick were still attached to their vines. Or that they had pokey bits on their stems.

In the end we picked the prettiest pumpkins.

We even snagged a couple mini pumpkins for the pup (which she chomped when we got home).

I think that means she likes them.