You know it’s going to be a good weekend when…

When it starts out like this:

I had Friday off and was feeling super ambitious so adam and i joined a gym. Then i walked to the mall and got my eyebrows done by a lady who was a total jerk. Because I felt so guilty about leaving Sierra at home, I wanted to get in some one on one time with her so we headed out for a walk. We had just left the complex when Sierra saw a squirrel and bolted. She would’ve taken me with her had I not tripped and fallen on my face first. Yup a 26 year old soberly falling on her face. Doesn’t happen that often. Also doesn’t happen that often? Having a pair of transients asking if you’re ok and need help. Seriously?! What are you going to do drive me to the hospital in your shopping cart?! No thanks scary man, i will walk dejectedly back to my apartment and cry.

In my moment of anger and sadness and pain all i could think about was how awesome ice cream would be. And how i totally deserved a beer. I also was walking around looking like a bloody mess so i didn’t want to leave the apartment. This led to more sadness and then to an extraordinary discovery (which comes later in the story).

I still haven’t quite gotten over it. Could it be because both my knees are purple and I can’t open or close my left hand without being in incredible pain? Possibly. Is it because I fell on my face in public? Definitely.


I’m Back!!!

I’ve been back for a few days doing laundry and watching tv. My body is recovering from camp life. Recap of the past few months are coming soon!!

Cocktails, chicken, and cake

Last weekend Adam and I headed out to my parent’s house (they were there this time!.. those sneaky sneaky parents..) for a celebration of epic proportions!!

Aunt Kelly turned 50!!

And like all celebrations of epic proportions the day included bubbly, Beatles Rockband, family ridiculousness, cake, and of course, chicken and dumplings.

Happy birthday Aunt Kelly!!!

Another year older

I turned 26 yesterday. It was kind of awesome. I love birthdays. I love celebrating, I love doing fun things, and I love eating cake!

For my birthday I made a lemon cake with lemon curd filling and lemon cream cheese frosting. It was a dud… So I made another one- champagne cake and champagne butter cream. Its not a birthday without cake and champagne!


To celebrate my birthday Adam and I went to a Nuts game.



It was Taco Tuesday! You can get a taco for $1.50! How cool is that?!



This time we splurged for $10 tickets in Upper Box behind home plate.



The local green market has a stand there and they serve delicious salads…and bacon on a stick. It’s my favorite so I had to get it.

When we got home, the birthday dress i ordered from ModCloth was on our doorstep!

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Go team!

On Sunday Adam, Shane, and I took in another local sports game. The Modesto Nuts were playing the Stockton Ports. Note that our local baseball teams are named after prominent parts of their cities.

We splurged on our tickets so we could have the best seats in the stadium. For just $12 we got seats right behind home plate.

I enjoyed a lovely Southwest Chicken Salad from Greens Market. It was a little overpriced for what it was but it was a great alternative to the typical fried ballpark food. Also it was nice and cool.

We only made it halfway through the game before we headed home. It was quite possibly the worst day to watch a live sports game. The temperature was hovering in the 90-95 degree range but it felt like it was at least 200 degrees.

We had a fun time anyway and we will definitely be going back to enjoy more baseball games.