My glamorous life

I’m alive, but just barely.

I swear, it’s inevitable. I get sick every year the week of Christmas through New Year’s Eve. This year the bug I inevitably caught was caught on Christmas and kicked in the night after Christmas. I’ve been puking up my insides ever since. Hey, at least I’ll look damn good in the dress I ordered for NYE. I know, I know .. awful but it’s the truth.

I woke up feeling great. Then the Nyquil high wore off. Today I’ve upgraded to eating pasta and my fever has downgraded to just in the 99 degree range. I will have a sweet little recap of our Christmas Eve dinner and embarrassing pictures of Sierra in antlers once the fever lets up and typing doesn’t hurt.

Hope your holiday was lovely!


We got to pump our own gas

Adam and I went to Seattle for the day. We planned on doing all sorts of fun things. Like watching grown men beat each others faces in.  UFCticket

Washington is reeeeally close to Portland. Like twenty minutes close. I was excited because I was running out of gas. I got super excited when we got to pump our own gas (you can’t do that in Oregon or the gas pumping police will come after you). PumpingGas

Three hours later, a ton of Seattle traffic, and several blocks of driving in circles later (I seriously cannot drive with Adam. He is awful with directions) we found Key Arena. And the Space Needle. I learned that you can actually take an elevator to the top. I also found out that is is not nearly as tall as one would think an object called the Space Needle would be.


As soon as we got inside the arena I made Adam take the obligatory couple photo. Not much to see other than our faces. And my cute bow tie necklace. How neat is that?! I love it.


When we got to walking around and we regained feeling in our limbs, the layers started flying off and we wore our Chive Ugly Sweater Shirts proudly. We also got several high fives and “Chive Ons”. Seattle has some awesome Chivers.



Had to take a picture of all the boys with bathroom line envy. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does it’s glorious. When I was leaving the bathroom at one point there were several  guys in the bathroom stalls next to mine.


It’s amazing how many people come for just the main event. When the fights started at 1pm at least 50% of the seats were empty. By the main event the place was packed.



Chive on!

Hoppy Holidays!

What better way to get into the holiday spirit than by drinking beer?

It’s not just any beer, but specially made winter ales with high alcohol percentages to warm your insides on cold winter nights. For just $30 a ticket we got 10 beer tickets and, a mug, and free re-entry for all 5 days of the fest. Last Thursday, Adam and I braved the elements and headed down to the Holiday Ale Fest at Pioneer Courthouse Square.


Celebrate Beer


We are celebrating beer


Clear tent

It was awesome! The whole square was covered in white tents so everyone could stay warm and dry and enjoy their beer. We walked around a bit and explored, mapping out where the beer we wanted to try was and what we would save for another night. After three tasters each we called it a night and planned on going back for round two on Saturday.

Going back on Saturday night was one of the worst decisions of our lives. I had only taken a few steps into the tent when I nearly got knocked over. Then I took a few more steps and almost got knocked over again. We decided that tasting probably wasn’t going to happen since there were about 200 more people there and the lines looked like mosh pits.


mosh pit lines




We stood in line for an hour and only got one beer so we dejectedly left the tent.

one beer


one beer


Instead of sticking around and being grumpy, we headed for a place we knew we could get beer in peace.



Bailey’s Taproom, as always, was at capacity and it was only 7pm (yes, we go out that early). We had a quick beer and we had to leave; Bailey’s doesn’t do food. So we headed over to a cute little place that just opened- Portland Penny Diner. I’d been eyeing it on my way to get my hair done since it opened. They lured me in with their good prices and yummy sounding sandwiches. When Adam and I went to order, the cashier said they were running a special- fried chicken oysters. If you know anything about me, you know I will literally fight someone for chicken oysters. So with that being said…

Portland Penny Diner


And we were home in bed by 9:30. That is my kind of night.


Hugs, Hops, and Happiness!!